Grant County Commission Endorsement Policy

At CVNM, our electoral program is focused on the state legislature and statewide elected offices. Our electoral work is part of our “cycle of accountability.” We keep a close eye on the conservation voting record of lawmakers and keep constituents informed about their voting records. In order to ensure that our membership and the general public are equipped to cast informed conservation votes, we have intensive processes in place for vetting candidates, issuing endorsements, and holding elected officials accountable to representing their constituents’ conservation values.

As an organization, CVNM is growing and changing. Recently, we have made a commitment to expand our issue focus to acknowledge that concepts of conservation and social justice intersect. We are also planning to expand our political program. Currently, we are exploring opportunities to help voters identify more outstanding conservation candidates in New Mexico.

Though CVNM has not traditionally engaged in races on the county level, the 2016 Grant County Commission elections present a unique opportunity for CVNM to begin developing best practices and build a base of experience that will guide our county level electoral program in the future. There are three main reasons that CVNM is choosing this race as a test case:

  1. The Grant County Commission is expanding from three commissioners to five, providing an opportunity to ensure conservation seats on the commission. This makes this election cycle a unique opportunity to get conservation-focused people on the commission.
  2. Grant County is the venue for several of New Mexico’s most contentious policy battles. It is ground zero for the environmental impacts of the Copper Rule and the debate over the future of the Gila River. Our supporters have made it clear that they care deeply about protecting our drinking water from contamination, holding our decision-makers accountable for allowing industry to write their own rules, and protecting the Gila, New Mexico’s last free-flowing river.
  3. As we develop a forward looking plan for CVNM to engage in county level electoral work, these races present an excellent opportunity to develop the experience and base of expertise that we will need in order to roll out a broader and more substantial county level program in the future.

CVNM and CVNM Action Fund’s first slate of Grant County Commission endorsements are as follows:

Grant County Commission
District 3: Alicia Edwards
District 4: Marilyn Alcorn
District 5: Harry Browne

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