2008 General Elections

In the November 4th, 2008 general election, 17 out of CVNM Action Fund’s 20 endorsed candidates won their races. CVNM Action Fund worked to successfully elect one PRC incumbent, three new pro-environment State Senate seats, and two new House seats through environmental mailings, phone banking, walking door-to-door, polling and radio advertisements. We were also successful in keeping scores of environmental champions in office.

Here is a summary of our 2008 environmental victories:

Jason Marks, Public Regulation Commissioner incumbent, was re-elected to his Albuquerque metro area seat. As Chair of the Commission, Jason Marks has been an ally on renewable energy, holding the state’s utilities accountable for carbon dioxide emissions, and addressing climate change.

Three State Senate seats formerly held by anti-environment incumbents were converted into pro-conservation seats by CVNM endorsed candidates:

John Sapien won the State Senate seat in District 9. One of Sapien’s top priorities includes moving NM into a leadership position in alternative energy production.

Tim Eichenberg won the State Senate seat in District 15. Eichenberg wants to make New Mexico a leader in addressing global warming, invest in green technology development, increase green-collar jobs, and build energy efficient buildings.

Steve Fischmann won the State Senate seat in District 37. Fischmann has a background in business, smart growth, and environmental protection – and is campaigning to protect local public lands and to help identify state land sale practices that penalize taxpayers.

In addition, two anti-conservation seats in the State House of Representatives were converted into pro-environment seats:

Bill O’Neill won House District 15. His opponent, incumbent Teresa Zanetti, scored a 22% on CVNM’s scorecard in 2008, and her bad votes in 2008 included supporting HB276 (SunCal TIDD) and voting in favor of SB487 (pro-uranium mining).

Ben Rodefer won House District 23. His opponent, Rep. Eric Youngberg, received a 25% on CVNM’s scorecard in 2008.