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CVNM Action Fund Announces 2022 Primary Endorsements

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Conservation Voters New Mexico Action Fund is very pleased to announce our primary election endorsements in the 2022 election cycle. We will roll out other endorsements over the course of the coming weeks.

HD 4: Rep. Anthony Allison

Rep. Allison is a retired electrician. House District 4 is over 70% Indigenous and centers around Shiprock. He founded the Navajo Voters Project, an organization committed to improving voting conditions in the district. He has long advocated for infrastructure investments in roads and in electric and water systems as well as for education and healthcare access. He has a 78% lifetime score on CVNM’s Conservation Scorecard.

HD 5: Rep. D. Wonda Johnson

Rep. Johnson’s excellent lifetime conservation score (96%) doesn’t tell the whole story. She’s been a critical voice in guaranteeing that communities in the Four Corners area have a seat at the table in the energy transition. Since her election in 2015, she’s established herself as the conscience of Northwest New Mexico – a legislator who is dedicated to centering her community in the policy process.

HD 6: Rep. Eliseo Alcon

Rep. Alcon has been a steady presence for environmental and conservation legislation in the Capitol. His strong conservation scores in recent years are underscored by the important role that he plays as the chair of the House Labor, Veterans, and Military Affairs committee. He also has a 85% lifetime score on CVNM’s Conservation Scorecard.

HD 12: Melissa Armijo

Melissa Armijo is a Public Education Commissioner and is the Executive Administrator at the National Hispanic Cultural Center Foundation. Originally from the South Valley, Melissa cares deeply about centering her community in the policy process, and creating sustainable jobs. She also stands in opposition to the Santolina sprawl development proposed on the West Mesa. HB 12 is currently represented by Rep. Art de la Cruz who has an anti-conservation voting record when he served as Bernalillo County Commissioner.

 HD 17: Darrell Deaguero

Darrell Deaguero was born and raised in Farmington, and is President of the Union of North America Local 16 (LiUNA). With a strong background in the labor community, he has the potential to be a visionary leader in the state’s energy workforce transition conversation. He is also an advocate for workers, and would bring a strong perspective to conversations centered in workforce and community development.

HD 19: Janelle Anyanonu

Janelle Anyanonu was born and raised in Albuquerque and cares deeply about her community. Her platform centers equity and community in all aspects, and she is incredibly knowledgeable about the environmental issues in her district. If elected, Janelle would be a fierce environmental justice advocate who will fight to protect her community and center her values in the policy process.

HD 26: Eleanor Chávez

Eleanor Chávez is a decades-long labor organizer who has long fought for the rights of women, workers, children and educators. She also served the Westside and South Valley previously on the Public Education Commission, and served two terms as a State Representative. In the legislature, she earned a 100% Conservation Score, demonstrating her community and conservation values via vote record.

HD 38: Tara Jaramillo

Tara Jaramillo was born and raised in Socorro, and is a Speech Language Pathologist. She also co-founded Positive Outcomes, Inc., after recognizing the gap of services for families like hers who have children with disabilities. While a strong advocate for healthcare and education, she is also deeply knowledgeable about the water issues that impact her communities of Dona Ana, Hidalgo and Sierra counties.

HD 39Conservation Qualified for Karen Whitlock and Rudy Martinez

Rudy Martinez was born and raised in southern New Mexico. He is a Vietnam veteran who served in the US Air Force for four years. He received his bachelor’s degree in business from Western New Mexico University and worked at Chino Mines for over 30 years. He served 10 years with the NM Municipal League and as Chairman of the Grant County Commission. He also served previously in the House, where he earned an 85% lifetime score on CVNM’s Conservation Scorecard, and was an ardent supporter of protecting the Gila River.

Karen Whitlock earned a master’s degree in Social Work from Western New Mexico University. She worked in the environmental field for 16 years including at the Tyrone mine. She is a legislative lobbyist for the National Association of Social Workers and advocates for social workers in underserved populations. She is heavily involved with community volunteer activities and has also taught at WNMU and Cobre High School.

Designating candidates as “Conservation Qualified” indicates that while each candidate is strong enough on their own to warrant an endorsement, neither stands out from the other clearly enough to suggest that conservation and environmental issues are best served by making an endorsement.

HD 40: Rep. Roger Montoya

Rep. Montoya is a self-taught landscape painter and received formal dance training with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center and the Paul Taylor Dance Company, after which he toured for many years. He is a founding member of Moving People Dance Santa Fe and co-founder of the Moving Arts Española after-school program for which he won a CNN Heroes award. He also has an 85% lifetime score on CVNM’s Conservation Scorecard.

HD 41: Rep. Susan Herrera

Rep. Herrera has been a strong voice for Rio Arriba County since she took office in 2019. Northern New Mexico has been consistent in pushing for increased investments in renewable energy development and water protection for years, and Rep. Herrera’s record shows strong support for those values. Her continued leadership will be an important part of fostering newer and more modern economies in Northern New Mexico. ​​She also has a 94% lifetime score on CVNM’s Conservation Scorecard.

HD 42: Rep. Kristina Ortez

Rep. Ortez took no time at all to establish herself as one of the rising stars of the legislature. Her background and leadership in conservation was well established as she entered the Capitol, and her leadership and sophistication in the energy and equity space has been equally impactful. Look no further than her success in passing HB 37 – Community Energy Efficiency Development Block Grant this year for evidence of that. She also has a 100% lifetime score on CVNM’s Conservation Scorecard.

HD 46: Rep. Andrea Romero

Another rising star in the House, Rep. Romero has quickly established herself as a leader, sponsoring key legislation on water protection, community solar, and cannabis, among many other issues. Her appointment as House parliamentarian is another in a series of data points that demonstrate Rep. Romero is at the front of the cohort of rising leaders in the House. She also has a 100% lifetime score on CVNM’s Conservation Scorecard.

HD 70: Anita Gonzales

Anita Gonzales was born in Las Vegas, NM and grew up moving between Las Vegas and Albuquerque. She completed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Highlands University and is the statewide program coordinator for NM MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement), a pre-college STEM program for New Mexico students. Her work has taken her all over the state talking with students, educators, industry leaders and other partners. She has also been a commissioner for two acequias.

Attorney General: Raúl Torrez

Raúl Torrez has a clear intention to change the way that the office of the Attorney General operates with specific, measurable steps to address environmental and climate action issues.

We will keep you up to date on ways to support our endorsed conservation candidates throughout the coming weeks.

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