For the sake of New Mexico’s clean air, land, water and communities, Representative Stephanie Garcia Richard is Conservation Voters New Mexico’s pick for Commissioner of Public Lands for this November.

Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard’s work, positions and record as a State Representative display her passion for the environment and its protection. During Stephanie’s 3-term tenure representing the Jemez Mountain Range district in the State Legislature, she has worked on many challenges, issues and constituency groups that are mirrored at the State Land Office. That’s why Conservation Voters New Mexico (CVNM) Action Fund has endorsed her for Commissioner of Public Lands.

The New Mexico State Land Office manages millions of acres of land and subsurface mineral rights for the benefit of our schools, universities, hospitals and other important public institutions. This means the Commissioner of Public Lands has an enormous responsibility to manage our public land in a conscientious and sustainable way. The State Land Office is one of the largest land managers in the West and makes decisions that impact the air we breathe and water we drink with few checks and balances. They make decisions with little oversight and largely out of the public eye. When these important decisions are made, New Mexico needs a pro-conservation advocate like Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard in the State Land Office.

Rep. Garcia Richard has been vocal and ambitious in her plans for environmental protection and has the potential to become a West-wide leading voice in conservation and public lands protection. She has a detailed and realistic plan to expand the role of state trust lands in renewable energy development in the New Mexico. Additionally, she’s indicated support for a strong and proactive public lands policy. She has also given a detailed outline of how she will take a much more progressive approach to landscape management than we’ve seen from the State Land Office in recent years.

Here are some key qualifications we’d like to highlight as you make your own decision about who should be our next Commissioner of Public Lands:

About Representative Stephanie Garcia Richard

  • Garcia Richard is a native New Mexican and lifelong educator who has worked both abroad and in Northern New Mexico. Born in Tucumcari and raised in Silver City, Stephanie learned at a young age the importance of serving others.
  • She grew up in a family that ranches on the eastern plains and the northern mountains of New Mexico, giving Stephanie a strong connection to the lands of our state. After graduating high school she went to Barnard College at Columbia University in New York and followed in her father’s footsteps in becoming a teacher. Having worked abroad and around the country, she returned home to New Mexico with her husband to raise their family.

On the Issues

“Renewable energy offers one of the clearest paths towards balancing long term land health and growing investment on our state lands. New Mexico has some of the best potential for both wind and solar production in the nation, and portions of state trust lands are in some of the best regions for renewables in the state,” says Rep. Garcia Richard.

  • Garcia Richard voted for the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) in the 2017 Legislative Session.
  • She plans to stimulate interest in solar and wind energy projects on state trust lands by conducting a comprehensive inventory of which parcels are most suitable for such projects.
  • She will incentivize further solar and wind energy investigation of state trust lands by issuing special use permits in advance of a structured auction of those lands.
  • She will expedite the lease of identified sites.
  • She will develop a participation mechanism, which would auction land at lower prices, but allow the state to receive a share of revenues from the completed project.
  • Our water connects communities and is the lifeblood of families across the state. She understands this and will make impacts to water central in planning the actions and activities of the State Land Office.
  • She opposes trapping on public land in New Mexico and has consistently voted to end coyote killing contests.
  • She sponsored both a memorial and legislation to prevent the federal government from using state land to build a border wall.
  • She is committed to bringing transparency to the processes of the State Land Office so the public is more informed and involved.

We’re ready to take bold action to elect pro-conservation champions all across the state. Are you in?

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