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Support Endorsed Candidate Events – October 26-31

As of today (October 26th), there are only eight days until Election Day on November 3! But DON’T WAIT until then to vote: If you aren’t registered to vote, you can register and do same-day voting at your county clerk office. Absentee ballots can be mailed back until October 27; to be sure your ballot 

Volunteer to help elect pro-conservation, CVNM-endorsed candidates

Through one-on-one conversations with voters, our people-powered campaigns will directly combat the millions of dollars that extractive industries are fronting to buy these elections. Volunteers are the heart of every political campaign. Find volunteer opportunities for your CVNM-endorsed candidates below and reach out via the contact information we’ve gathered for each candidate*: Governor & Lt. 

CVNM endorses in House, PRC, statewide races

After Conservation Voters supported our successful primary election efforts, we got back to work identifying the best conservation candidates in the upcoming general election. Today, we’re excited to announce our full slate of endorsements for the important election on Nov. 6. We can’t thank our supporters enough for all you do to make New Mexico 

CVNM is #TeamSGR for Land Commissioner

For the sake of New Mexico’s clean air, land, water and communities, Representative Stephanie Garcia Richard is Conservation Voters New Mexico’s pick for Commissioner of Public Lands for this November. Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard’s work, positions and record as a State Representative display her passion for the environment and its protection. During Stephanie’s 3-term tenure 

What do voters want? Conservation candidates!

Tuesday night’s primary was a big night of wins and some disappointments, but overall the primary election was a huge success for candidates who made it clear that they care about New Mexico’s air, land, water and communities. None of this would have been possible without you! Thank you for supporting Conservation Voters New Mexico 

Final push to the primary – help out!

We’re in to the final stretch, with the primary election just a week from today. As we get closer to Election Day, campaigns need one thing: your help to knock on doors and call voters. The political strength of Conservation Voters New Mexico (CVNM) isn’t just in endorsements or money, it’s in you. The values 

Great candidates need great volunteers

The primary election is just 15 days away and pro-conservation candidates need your help! The political strength of Conservation Voters New Mexico (CVNM) isn’t just in donations in support of campaigns or endorsements – it really depends so much on YOU. Part of our job is to connect you to the campaigns of the best 

CVNM’s 2018 Primary Election Endorsements

We are in the throes of one of the most important elections in our state’s history. Even in the face of unprecedented daily assaults from the Trump administration on our air, land, water and wildlife, we are working hard to elect conservation champions to protect the people and communities of our state. Elections are changing, 

CVNM’s Grant County Commission picks

CVNM Endorsements for Grant County Commission District 1: Donald “Jesse” Franklin-Owens District 2: Cindy Renee Provencio Conservation Voters New Mexico (CVNM) members like you have made it clear over the years that you care deeply about repealing industry-written rules like the Copper Rule and protecting the Gila, New Mexico’s last free-flowing river. These critical debates 

Mr. VeneKlasen stands out in race for Commissioner of Public Lands

By Gabe Vasquez, Las Cruces City Councilor The New Mexico State Land Office is one of the largest land managers in the West, and does so with virtually unfettered discretion. Few agencies are able to act as nimbly and autonomously when it comes to supporting pro- or anti-conservation policies, so it’s particularly vital to ensure 

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