Endorsement Policies

CVNM & CVNM Action Fund Endorsement Process

In order to pass strong laws that protect New Mexico’s air, land, and water, we believe it is critical to engage in the electoral process. Conservation Voters New Mexico Action Fund is a nonpartisan “coordinated” political action committee (PAC) that works to elect pro-conservation candidates and to defeat anti-conservation candidates at the state level up to the amount allowed by New Mexico campaign finance laws.

Through our work with CVNM Action Fund, we let voters know that—for New Mexico’s air, land, water and communities—who we elect matters.

The goal of CVNM & CVNM Action Fund’s endorsement process is to use the power of endorsements and political action to implement and reinforce our cycle of accountability to build the strongest possible conservation representation at the state level. To achieve this goal, our endorsement process is methodical, predictable, and based on consistent data and objective criteria.

Endorsements are paid for by CVNM Action Fund and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Highlights from our endorsement policies:

  • CVNM does not endorse in uncontested races.
  • Our endorsement decisions always start with evaluating the performance of incumbents; if incumbents are representing the conservation values of their constituents appropriately, then challengers are not considered.
  • Challengers are evaluated based on the viability of their campaign and conservation values, which CVNM determines via questionnaire, past record and any other available information.
  • Open seats are a high priority for a rigorous endorsement process. They often represent the best opportunity for converting anti-conservation seats, and they are vital for protecting our pro-conservation representation where the departing incumbent was a champion or ally.
  • Our endorsement process is conducted separately for the primary and general elections; where there is not a contested primary, general election candidate questionnaires are distributed after the primary elections have concluded.

Read our full legislative endorsement policy.

Read our full statewide endorsement policy.

Read our Grant County endorsement policy.

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