CVNM & CVNM Action Fund Endorsements – 2020 Primary

Conservation Voters New Mexico Action Fund is a nonpartisan “coordinated” political action committee (PAC) that works to elect pro-conservation candidates and to defeat anti-conservation candidates at the state level up to the amount allowed by New Mexico campaign finance laws. The goal of CVNM & CVNM Action Fund’s endorsement process is to use the power of endorsements and political action to implement and reinforce our cycle of accountability to build the strongest possible conservation policy outcomes at the state level.

The 2020 primary election endorsements build on the conservation majority that won seats in the 2016 and 2018 general elections. If elected, these candidates will strengthen the political voice for the future of New Mexico’s air, land, water and communities.

We need a Legislature that reflects New Mexico’s diverse communities, that will support equity and inclusion in decision-making, and that reflects our shared values for protecting our air, land and water. We need new voices in New Mexico’s politics who will not look backwards in an attempt to “return to normal” but who will look forward to a new, diversified, clean energy economy with a healthy environment and sustainable, reliable state revenues.

Find out more about the impact of COVID-19 on voting in the 2020 primary.

2020 Primary Endorsements

CVNM Action Fund Primary Election Endorsements

New Mexico House of Representatives
HD 13 – Rep. Patricia Royal Caballero (97% CVNM Score)
HD 14 – Rep. Miguel Garcia (96% CVNM Score)
HD 17 – Rep. Debbie Armstrong (95% CVNM score)
HD 20 – Meredith Dixon
HD 27 – Rep. Marian Matthews
HD 40 – Roger Montoya
HD 42 – Kristina Ortez
HD 45 – Linda Serrato
HD 47 – House Speaker Brian Egolf (98% CVNM Score)
HD 50 – Rep. Matthew McQueen (96% CVNM Score)
HD 65 – Rep. Derrick Lente (93% CVNM score)
HD 70 – Anita Gonzales

New Mexico State Senate
SD 3 – Senator Shannon Pinto
SD 4 – Noreen Kelly
SD 8 – Senator Pete Campos (89% CVNM score in 2019)
SD 9 – Dual Endorsement: Brenda McKenna, Ben Rodefer
SD 10 – Katy Duhigg
SD 17 – Senator Mimi Stewart (98% CVNM score)
SD 20 – Rebecca “Puck” Stair
SD 28 – Siah Correa Hemphill
SD 30 – Pam Cordova
SD 35 – Neomi Martinez-Parra

New Mexico Public Regulation Commission
District 3 – Brian Harris

Grant County Commission
District 5 – Commissioner Harry Browne

Paid for by CVNM Action Fund. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.