Santa Fe, N.M. – Conservation Voters New Mexico (CVNM), via its coordinated political action committee CVNM Action Fund, continues its efforts to build a strong political voice for our environment by endorsing candidates who will work for the future of New Mexico’s air, land, water and communities. Today, CVNM Action Fund has early endorsed conservation champion incumbents with identified challengers in the 2020 primary election.

Conservation champions, defined as incumbents with a lifetime score of 90% or better on CVNM’s Conservation Scorecard that actively sponsor, support or advocate for conservation issues, are considered for early and automatic endorsement if they have a challenger in an election.

Based on this criteria, CVNM is proud to announce its endorsement of New Mexico House Speaker Brian Egolf. Since taking office in 2009, Rep. Egolf has served as chair of the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee, championed critical pro-conservation legislation by serving as bill sponsor, and earned a lifetime conservation score of 98%. Due to his outstanding record of public service advocating for New Mexico’s air, land, and water, Rep. Egolf also received CVNM’s Luminaria Award in 2015.

“Speaker Egolf has demonstrated a consistent and strong commitment to uphold conservation values in the legislature since his first year in office. In his role as Speaker of the House, he also carries a deep knowledge of the legislative process and has helped to secure successful passage of historic pro -conservation legislation like the Energy Transition Act,” said Demis Foster, CVNM Executive Director. “Speaker Egolf has a proven track record of leading New Mexico on the climate crisis while working to create visionary policy ideas that work to protect our air, land, water and the health of our communities.”

In addition to the Speaker, CVNM Action Fund is also automatically endorsing the following champion incumbents for New Mexico’s primary election:

House District 13: Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero

Representative Roybal Caballero has been a steadfast champion of community solar over the years, working tirelessly to ensure that solar energy is accessible to more New Mexicans. The recipient of the CVNM’s 2019 Luminaria Award, Rep. Roybal Caballero is a strong conservation choice for House District 13 voters. Rep. Roybal Caballero also has a lifetime score of 97% in CVNM’s Conservation Scorecard.

House District 14: Rep. Miguel Garcia

Representative Garcia is one of the longest serving members of the House, having served since 1997. His 96% lifetime score is a testament to the consistency he has demonstrated as an unshakeable voice for the values of San Miguel County. From legislation designed to address climate change to clean water protections, Rep. Garcia is legislator whose votes reflect an intuitive understanding of conservation values.

House District 50: Rep. Matthew McQueen

Representative McQueen is one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated conservation voices in the House. As chair of the House Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee, Chairman McQueen has been a steady voice for the communities across the state that rely on clean air and water. Rep. McQueen also has a lifetime score of 96% on CVNM’s Conservation Scorecard.

About CVNM Action Fund

Conservation Voters New Mexico Action Fund, the connected state political action committee of Conservation Voters New Mexico, is a nonpartisan “coordinated” political action committee that works to elect pro-conservation candidates and to defeat anti-conservation candidates at the state level. Through our work with CVNM Action Fund, we let voters know that – for New Mexico’s air, land water and healthy communities – who we elect matters.

CVNM Action Fund does not endorse in uncontested races. The endorsements listed above are for the primary election only. General election endorsements will be announced at a later date. For more information on our endorsement process, please visit