2008 Primary Elections

It’s a new day in the NM Legislature and environmental battles played a key role in these races. From deregulation and attacks on our environmental protection agencies, sprawl development, oil and gas to uranium mining, pro-environment challengers defeated powerful anti-environment incumbents by talking to voters about these issues and striking a stark contrast between protecting our air, land and water versus protecting special-interest polluters.

CVNM Action Fund, our PAC, helped get-out-the-vote for Eric Griego, Tim Keller, Eleanor Chavez, and June Lorenzo through environmental mailings, phone banking, walking door to door, polling, and radio ads.

Here is a summary of our environmental victories:

Eric Griego defeated Senator James Taylor, Vice-Chair of Conservation Committee, 64%-36%. In the last legislative session, Senator Taylor voted for the “Suncal TIDD” (Tax Increment Development District) bill to divert $659 million of taxpayers funds to a big real estate developer. Taylor also sponsored a bill for oil and gas companies that reduced industry’s taxes. In contrast, as a city councilor, Eric Griego took on big developers and fought to protect our water resources and promote smart growth. Congratulations to Senator Eric Griego!

Tim Keller handily defeated Senator Shannon Robinson, the chair of Senate Corporations, 66%-34%. Robinson had voted against clean air, against renewable energy transmission, against monitoring greenhouse gas pollution, and against public transportation. Further, the committee he chaired infamously killed good environmental bills. Tim Keller comes to the State Senate ready to invest in new “green collar” jobs in the renewable energy industry. Congratulations to Senator Tim Keller!

Eleanor Chavez beat Representative Dan Silva, a two-decade incumbent and Chair of House Transportation Committee, 54%-46%. Silva sponsored legislation to hinder environmental agencies from rulemaking, a bill often referred to as the “polluters bill of rights.” Eleanor is a longtime organizer and is committed to environmental health and justice issues. Congratulations to Representative Eleanor Chavez!

Recap of CVNM Endorsed State-level Candidates for the 2008 June 3rd Primary:

12 out of 16 endorsed candidates won their races!
Senator John Pinto, State Senate District 3– WIN!
Laverne Wyaco, State Senate District 4– Lost
Senator Linda Lopez, State Senate District 11– WIN!
Senator Dede Feldman, State Senate District 13– WIN!
Eric Griego, State Senate District 14– WIN!
Tim Keller, State Senate District 17– WIN!
June Lorenzo, State Senate District 30– Lost
Senator Mary Jane Garcia, State Senate District 36– WIN!
Eldred Bowekaty, State House of Representatives District 6– Lost
Representative Elias Barela, State House of Reps District 8– WIN!
Eleanor Chavez, State House of Representatives District 13– WIN!
Representative Miguel Garcia, State House of Reps District 14– WIN!
Representative Kathy McCoy, State House of Reps District 22– WIN!
Representative Joni Gutierrez, State House of Reps District 33– WIN!
Joseph Maestas, Public Regulation Commission (PRC), District 3–Lost
Jason Marks, Public Regulation Commission, (PRC) District 1– WIN!

Thank you so much for helping us hold elected officials accountable for their environmental votes.